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Emu Education has without a doubt helped me excel in my education. Despite being at the top of my year level, I was able to expand my learning in order to reach my full potential. In English, my vocabulary has grown from average to a school dictionary through the use of the simple techniques I was taught. In mathematics, my logical reasoning has improved from a human calculator to a supercomputer.

I look forward to the many possible opportunities in my future and hope to make a difference in society and innovation. I hope that one day people will remember me as one of the major world-shifters in history.

Nicholas Chua , (Year 9 student at Suzanne Cory High School)

I enrolled my daughter in Emu Education after it was recommended by a friend because my daughter had lost interest in studying maths. She now enjoys studying and her attitude and confidence towards learning has greatly improved. She is now more motivated to study due to her improved school performace. The classes are much smaller compared to other educational programs and tutors are professional and friendly.

I am happy with my child’s progress and highly recommend Emu Education.

Trudy Andersen, (parent)

Hello, my is Pranav Samudre and I’m a student who recently tried out for the Year 9 selective school program in Victoria and managed to get into my preferred school. This would not have been possible without Emu Education as they helped me learn and understand various topics in maths and English. Thanks to EMU Education, my knowledge and confidence in academics has reached all new heights and it is amazing that this was achieved in such a short period of time.

Pranav Samudre, (selected for Suzanne Cory High School, 2015)

My name is Brendon and I am a Year 11 student now studying VCE maths methods units 1 & 2 and VCE advanced general maths unit 1.

I will continue being tutored by Balwinder this year. I was tutored by her for Year 10 maths and was very satisfied with the way she taught me. I was educated in topics such as simultaneous equations, linear equations, algebra, trigonometry and Pythagoras’s theorem.

Since commencing tuition with Balwinder, my confidence in mathematics has increased. I am now doing much better than I previously was with the help of other tutoring services.

Brendon, (Year 11 student)

Emu Education has aided me greatly in reaching my goals. With their help, I improved my grades in maths methods and have furthered my knowledge on the necessary concepts. Emu Education helped me achieve higher grades in my exams and to effectively recognise where I need more assistance.

My confidence in methods and my own ability has increased significantly thanks to Emu Education’s help.

Meagan B., (Year 11 student)

Hi, my name is Jessica and I joined Emu Education last year. Emu Education has helped me improve my knowledge in mathematics. The best thing about Emu Education is my maths teacher, Ms Kaur, who helped me immensely last year. With her kind and motherly approach to the subject, I have managed to improve my maths grades. I am very happy and blessed to learn through Emu Education.

Jessica M. , (Year 9 student)

I’ve had many great experiences with Emu Education and during the past few months I have seen some of the best improvements in my results. My tutor was very intelligent and was able to solve any problem that I brought to her. In both chemistry and maths methods, she was able to explain the concepts to me in a way that I could understand. She taught me step-by-step, answered all my questions and helped me maintain great scores across all the subjects she tutored me in.

Nicholas Anthony Ferrugia, (Year 12 student)

I began attending Emu education late 2015 to prepare myself for various acer scholarships that I was scheduled to sit in March-April the following year. Previously I’d attended some very mediocre group tuitions but hadn’t been able to discover one catered to my learning style and unique abilities. But Emu education provided the necessary foundation for me as a learner. Whether it be enhancing prior skills or learning new ones, Emu education facilitated for these needs and more. Their structured, lesson based course followed a consequential order that was understanding and easy to follow. As skill level gradually increased, framework was solidified so that the student was eased into harder academic situations instead of abruptly pushed towards them. The minimized class sizes paired with dedicated and skilled teachers created an enhanced learning environment so that students’ respective needs were met and understood, the program artfully moulded to their skill level. In my experience, the teachers and students were also welcoming and non-judgmental creating an easy environment that allowed learning to thrive.

Whilst I didn’t get any of the scholarships, by March I began to prepare for the Selective School exam for year 9 2017. To support this, Emu Education organised a class accommodating for myself and a small group of other individuals whom were all reaching for the same goal of being accepted into one of the 3 selective high schools. The class ran the normal allotted times for Maths and English along with an additional 45 minutes of testing after class to expose students to test-like conditions. If it weren’t for Balwinder, the tuition’s director I wouldn’t have been as prepared for the exam. With help from Emu Education I was accepted into Suzanne Cory High School in Werribee and have since adjusted to selective school life in year 9.

Venumi Sedara, (year 9 Suzanne Cory High School student 2017)

Emu Education has provided exceptional tutoring services that have improved my education significantly. The teachers are well-qualified and experienced. They offer excellent support and deliver clear and coherent explanations in all subjects. I partook in the Select-entry exam preparation class and I was trained to a remarkable standard. I’ve learnt many new useful strategies in both English and Maths. I sat the exam in June 2017 and was thrilled to hear that I had passed and was selected to Suzanne Cory High school. I am very grateful towards the teachers at Emu Education for helping me achieve excellence. I highly recommend this institute and I have no doubt that it will help you excel in your education.

Raveen Kalutanthri, (Selected Year 9 Suzzane Cory High School 2018)

Hi Balwinder: I passed the exam into Suzanne Cory High School!!!. Thank you so much for helping me out;

Vihanga Gonsalge , (Selected for Suzanne Cory High School 2018)

Thanks to the help of people from Emu Education, I was able to earn a place at Suzanne Cory High School for next year (2019). I don’t think i could have done it without them. Thank you very much!

Akira Prince

Thanks Emu Education. The tutoring really helped me to be more advanced in Maths and English and explained concepts in a easy to understand way.

Frances Mateo , (Year 6 Student)

I am in year 3 and I am studying math at Emu Education. It is more fun than school and is a bit more challenging. The teachers can help us more because it is a small class. There are different classes for other age groups and different subjects. I want to go to Emu Education. Thank you!

Erin, (year 3 student)

The experience I’ve gotten from Emu Education has helped me obtain a seat in my first preference school in the select entry. Not only did the resources and practice tests helped me gain knowledge on what the real exam was like, it was then elaborated by the teachers when ever we had queries on the work Emu Education can be worthwhile if you choose to put in the effort and use the resources efficiently.


I’d like to thank you for providing such a great tutoring environment both for biology in 2019 and chemistry in 2020. I’ve been to a lot of tutors and I can honestly say Emu Education is the best center I’ve seen!

Sukhman Oberoi

My experience at Emu Education has been simply amazing. Through the qualified teachers, I was able to achieve my goals in regard to VCE and tertiary entrance. Thank you, Ms Kaur, and Kyan for everything!

Ash Singh , (Year 12 student from Bacchus Marsh Grammar)

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