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At Emu Education, we have a team of expert high school tutors offering professional, personalised private tuition in Melbourne. We provide a wide range of educational programs that can be beneficial for them.When it comes to tutoring for high school students, we always choose new and efficient approaches to understand what the student lacks and where we can contribute.

From VCE programs to selective entry programs, we offer high school tutoring for all kinds of examinations that are important for students. We keep our batches limited to a few students so that we can pay attention to every student and evaluate the requirements with individualised support. Qualified and experienced tutors at Emu Education have always been efficiently catering to the needs of our students. Our tutoring and teaching programs that will not only help you raise your score but also train you for real-life challenges!

Why is high school tutoring important?

There are many benefits that students get from high school tutoring in developing new skills which sets them up for success:

  • Personalised learning experience – Students get an individualised learning experience where the tutor specifically focuses on the areas where support is required.
  • One-on-one attention – Tutors know the child individually and are aware of the learning style that shouldbe adopted. Also, it is easy for the student to interact with the tutor if they face any issues or confusion.
  • Better academic performance – High school tutoring is a great way to prepare the child for future exams and tests. The comprehension capabilities of a student can significantly increase when working with a tutor.
  • Improve attitude towards learning – With a great tutor, learning can become fun. Apart from interesting activities and approaches, we ensure that students are praised and encouraged while learning. This helps in reducing them from feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.
  • Boost self-paced learning – With tutoring, the student develops the capability of taking the initiative in their schoolwork themselves. They will also have complete control of their learning pace.
  • Improve work and study habits – A student can learn study habits with the right tutoring services which are incredibly important to prepare the child for a successful life and achieving their goals.
  • Complete freedom to ask questions – Most students find it comfortable to ask questions to their high school tutors rather than asking them in front of their peers in a class. With a tutor, students do not feel self-conscious.

Which Subjects are Taught by Our High School Tutors in Melbourne?

We all know that effective tutoring results in better academic performance and a better understanding of the subject matter. High school tutoring in Melbourne is a great option to consider if they want to excel in their academic scores.

What subjects are included in our high school tutoring?

There are various subjects that our tutors at Emu Education specialised in. However, to give you a quick understanding, we have mentioned some of our most in demand subjects for under our tutoring service

  • Math – This is a challenging subject for which students look out for high school tutoring services. As this subject includes a lot of complex problems and calculations that need to be solved at different academic levels, tutoring for this subject can help high school students.
  • Physical Science – Though a complicated subject, this is useful, depending on the units you have chosen. Reaching out to the top professionals for support on the topic can help students to understand the important concepts of the subject.
  • English At a basic level, English is crucial for easy and successful communication. Our high school tutors can provide foundational knowledge with great guidance on the intricacies and complex structure of the language.

  • Language – Now, foreign languages have been amalgamated into the curriculum of high schools because of their great advantages after college. Our well-informed tutors can offer you reliable assistance with the same.

At Emu Education, we offer private tuition in Melbourne with a team of trained and knowledgeable experts who can guide you. Our programs are specifically designed to assist students so that they are capable enough to deliver high academic performance without any stress.

Are you wondering what else you will get with us? Below are a few unique features that we provide with our high school tutoring services:

  • Customised approach
  • One-to-one tutoring support
  • Flexible schedules
  • Improved VCE scores
  • Competitive prices
  • Weekly evaluations and tests
  • Regular challenges for enhancing student’s skillset

How Does Our High School Tutoring Session Work?

At Emu Education, we have experienced high school tutors available around the beautiful suburb of Melbourne. We are always ready to help students perform their best in academic courses with the right guidance. Our tutoring services are some of the finest ones in the city.

Let’s look at the different stages involved in our high school tutoring sessions:

  • Concept – We will explain the concept in different ways as per the student requirements and ensure you are completely on board with the subject being taught.
  • Demonstration – We will show you the right approach to tackling each question or problem.
  • Examples – We will provide extensive guidance while you practice what has been learnt.

Our professionals at Emu Education are well-trained in tutoring high school students.If you have any confusion related to our service, please get in touch with our team in Melbourne. Call us on 0479 190 958 or send us an email at info@emueducation.com.au for more details.


High school tutors offer academic support to a studentor small groups outside the classroom. These professionals help students to improve their grades and understand concepts better.

The tutor provides extra guidance and support to students to academically progress. Their duties involve one-on-one teaching in a personalised manner and accessing students’ level of education.
Emu Education has a team of qualifiedhigh school tutors who are skilled in offering the right guidance to students using a customised approach.

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