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Over the past several years Emu Education has been able to produce capable and confident students who score high in many subjects. Each year Emu Education strives to provide VCE students with the skills to achieve a strong ATAR and gain entry into their tertiary preferences. Listed below are just some of the well-earned accomplishments of some of our students over the past few years:

  • ATAR 96.6 – Undertook Chemistry tuition with us and gained a study score of 46 (raw)
  • ATAR 98.7 – Undertook Chemistry and Physics with us and gained study scores of 39 and 43 respectively (raw)
  • ATAR 97.8 – Undertook Chemistry and Mathematical Methods with us. study score 47 and 46 respectively (raw)
  • ATAR 98.25-Undertook Biology and Chemistry with us with study score 47 and 41 respectively (raw)
  • In 2020, inspite of Covid -19, our results were outstanding with more 50% students achieve ATAR more than 90.

Whilst these are just some of the many high achievements gained by our students, they demonstrate how hard work pays off for those who put their mind to it.

Our Selective Entry Exam Result

Emu Education has offered selective entry exam preparation for students looking to gain entry into highly sought-after schools throughout Melbourne since 2014. During its inception in 2014, Emu Education supplied preparation for a Year 8 student looking to gain entry into Suzanne Cory High School. This particular student undertook the entry exam in June of 2014 and was successful in being selected for Year 9 at Suzanne Cory for 2015. This was important for Emu Education as this particular student entrusted our centre with providing assistance that we had not previously offered. With this trust came the expectation that we could provide high quality and professional assistance that would provide a pathway through the highly competitive arena that is selective entry, which we are proud to say we were able to do. To this day this student continues to undertake tuition with us for a multiplicity of subjects and allowed us to become the go-to tuition centre for selective entry success.

After a successful 2014, Emu Education began to supply up to five students per year with selective entry preparation. Each year our institution was able to give 3-5 students the preparation they needed to be accepted into their chosen schools. At current we possess a whopping 75% success rate with our selective entry students. We look forward to providing many more students with pathways into their chosen schools as well as shaping students into confident and independent individuals capable of succeeding beyond their tuition.

Our this year succesfull students to gain entry into Selective School are:​​​​​

  • Akira Prince (Suzanne Cory High School 2019, with 4 superiors)
  • Kidus Desta (Suzanne Cory High School 2019, one superior)
  • Saajan Singh (Suzanne Cory High School 2019, 2 superiors and Scholarship from Southern Cross Grammar School )

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