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At Emu Education, we offer NAPLAN practice and tutoring services for students in Melbourne, and across Victoria. Our learning assistance is beneficial for students to achieve their desired results with appropriate guidance and the right resources. However, before jumping into that, let us have a good understanding of what NAPLAN means.

What is NAPLAN?

NAPLAN stands for the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy. This is an assessment for students in the Years 3, 5, 7, and 9 which is organised annually. The assessment is specifically designed to examine the general abilities of a student in writing, reading, spelling, and numeracy. This program sees whether Australian students are meeting national literacy and numeracy standards.

Why is NAPLAN Tutoring important for your child?

NAPLAN is crucial for students to get clear knowledge of concepts that they need in their further study due to the following points mentioned:

  1. Assess a student – Most high schools use the NAPLAN test as a part of the curriculum and the selection process. The examination provides a clear understanding of the skills and expertise of a particular student along with its aptitudes. A good score in this assessment can increase their chances to get enrolled in prestigious high schools.
  2. Indication of progress – NAPLAN Education is an effective method of evaluating how the student is progressing in their academics.This will give a clear idea of the areas the student needs help in which assists the tutors in providing the right support.
  3. Test the higher ability levels – NAPLAN preparation is an important thing for students in Melbourne because it is used in high schools to analyse their ability levels. The test starts with a short, simple text that gets challenging and lengthier with time.

At Emu Education, we help your child develop important skills and provide them with an understanding of all the basic concepts involved in NAPLAN. From assisting in enhancing their solving problems skills to helping in language comprehension, our NAPLAN tutors will cover all the important aspects of NAPLAN preparation.

What is included in our NAPLAN Preparation?

So, now that you know that it can be a little difficult for students to prepare for NAPLAN on their own while juggling academic responsibilities.That is why it is the best option for you to get appropriate assistance. At Emu Education, we have NAPLAN tutors who are proficient in preparing students for the test. Our team is available to offer instant solutions that fit around your schedule so that you get customised service in Melbourne.

How to prepare for NAPLAN?

Our NAPLAN preparation program includes different areas including the following:

  • Reading preparation: Reading skills are particularly important for students while giving any test. Your child must have proficient reading skills to understand the questions correctly. We give them books or texts to read which help them enhance their reading abilities.

  • Numeracy Preparation: We cannot deny the importance of basic maths and our numeracy preparation helps students to build strong understanding of the subject’s key concepts. Our tutors give students different types of problems starting with simple ones and then progressing to more complicated one which gradually develop their numeracy skills.

  • Writing Preparation: To improve the writing skills, students are required to have proper knowledge of the language. We teach ways to form sentences and correctly structure the texts. This help improve their ability to write effectively without making many mistakes.

  • Punctuation, Spelling and Grammar Preparation: Our expert tutors use different resources that help increase the ability of students to identify the correct or incorrect use of punctuation, spelling, or grammar. We give students individual activities like passage editing or literacy rotation task cards which include finding spelling mistakes, or the incorrect use of punctuation.

Emu Education offers reliable assistance to ensure that students can reach greater academic heights. To know more about how to prepare for NAPLAN, please get in touch with our professional NAPLAN tutors on 0479 190 958 or you can drop an email at info@emueducation.com.au.


The national minimum standard is set according to the different Years. Band 2 is the minimum standard for Year 3, band 4 for Year 5, band 5 for Year 7 and band 6 for Year 9. Our experts at Emu Education can help you improve your scores with proper preparation.
Getting a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of NAPLAN is important. This is the reason the best option is to get professional assistance where you will be able to get instant solutions and clarify doubts from experts.

Yes, the NAPLAN online test happened in the month of May 2022. For more information, you can get in touch with our team whenever you want.

Students have to be dedicated when preparing for NAPLAN. So, if it is difficult for you to prepare for NAPLAN, contact the professional tutors at Emu Education for the right guidance.

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