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Emu Education offers a wide range of programs to match a multitude of subjects for VCE students.

These programs are offered in both one-hour sessions and/or one and half hour sessions per week. In order to provide VCE students with as much content and supervision as possible, each class is kept relatively small in order to respond to the specific needs of each student. Emu Education prides itself on providing VCE students with highly knowledgeable teaching staff who can cater to the specific needs of students for each subject.

Subjects Unit
VCE Physics (Units 1 to 4)
VCE Chemistry (Units 1 to 4)
VCE Biology (Units 1 to 4)
VCE Mathematical Methods (Units 1 to 4)
VCE Further Mathematics (Units 3 & 4)
VCE General Mathematics (Units 1 & 2)
VCE Psychology (Units 1 to 4)
VCE English (Units 1 to 4)

Selective Entry Program

Emu Education’s Selective Entry Program is a one-year extensive learning program aimed at providing the necessary skills for those looking at gaining an edge for entry exams. Our program begins in the third term of each year and finishes in the second week of June in the proceeding year. The first two terms require students to undertake two hours per week of mathematical and English skill-building sessions which are aimed at sharpening and honing each student’s writing, reasoning abilities and required mathematical skills. As the year reaches closer to the exam time, the program requires students to undertake three hours a week, in order to undertake practice exams and tests that aim to accelerate the pace at which the students are able to undertake each section of the entry exam. Given the highly competitive nature of the selective entry exams, Emu Education strongly recommends that students looking to undertake a selective entry exam engage in our program to gain access to resources and teachers that are specialised in each area.

Primary School Program

Emu Education offers classes to primary school students from grade 2 to grade 6. These classes aim to provide children with the ability to improve and excel in both English and Mathematics. Whether your child is behind or looking to excel, Emu Education offers primary school classes that will cater to the needs of your child.

High School Program

Emu Education offers classes to high school students from Year 7 to 10. We currently offer classes in Mathematics, English and Science. Each class aims to target students’ current and expected knowledge in each subject, offering highly knowledgeable and skilled teachers who have access to a wide range of resources.

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